Our own Export department takes care of the smooth delivery of extensive product ranges to Europe, America and Asia.


Our extensive range of products is constantly being expanded and updated.

Catalogue download

Current catalogs of our diverse product ranges are available in the download area.


Competent advice in many languages: the employees in our Export department offer our clients help and advice.


Our export team offers competent, expert advice on all deliveries - be it to Europe, Asia or America.

Catalogue download

Seasonal Promotion

Xmas 2018 sweets

Xmas 2018 sweets

File size: 104.4 MB

(contains: pdf)

Easter 2019

Easter assortment 2019

File size: 15,5 MB

(contains: pdf)

Regular assortment


01 Hofgut

File size: 52.3 MB

(contains: pdf)


02 BioGreno

File size: 33.3 MB

(contains: pdf)

vegan leben

03 vegan leben

File size: 34.6 MB

(contains: pdf)

Discount Assortment

04 Discount Assortment

File size: 59.6 MB

(contains: pdf)

Sweets & Chocolate

05 Sweets & Chocolate

File size: 72.7 MB

(contains: pdf)

Salted Snacks

06 Salted Snacks

File size: 19.9 MB

(contains: pdf)


07 Biscuits

File size: 17.9 MB

(contains: pdf)


08 Oil-Vinegar-Sauces

File size: 23.0 MB

(contains: pdf)


10 Breakfast

File size: 43.9 MB

(contains: pdf)


13 Beverages

File size: 16.9 MB

(contains: pdf)

Pet Food

14 Pet Food

File size: 51.2 MB

(contains: pdf)

Fresh Products

16 Fresh Products

File size: 99.7 MB

(contains: pdf)

Frozen Assortment

18 Frozen Assortment

File size: 103.1 MB

(contains: pdf)

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