Field Service

Our competent field service team advises and supports our clients with all questions regarding product range, publicity and key performance indicators.


Our clients can draw on tried-and-tested advertising concepts, but are also free to implement their own individual ideas and wishes with us.

Location Development

Before a new store can be opened, it must be intelligently planned, calculated and organised. We can help here.

Store designs

With our carefully thought-out store designs we create the framework for the optimal presentation of products.

Continued education

We offer our clients seminars and workshops on many trade-related topics, including human resources management, customer loyalty and business management.


We have secured extensive purchasing advantages, which we pass on to our clients.


Sophisticated logistics means that around 1,500 clients are supplied quickly and reliably.


Competent advice and client-oriented service characterise Bela’s performance profile in wholesale.

Store design

A well-designed product range, high levels of customer satisfaction and a balanced pricing strategy all require an attractive framework. Our “Nah&Frisch” and “Ihr Kaufmann” store designs promote high levels of satisfaction and recognition among consumers through their appearances, meaning that they offer such a competitive environment.

The “Nah&Frisch” design focuses on shop areas starting from 300 sq m, whereas “Ihr Kaufmann” is aimed at smaller shops.

Nah & Frisch

The “Nah&Frisch” concept has recently been redesigned. It consists of a wealth of individual components:

• clear and attractive shop layout
• top-selling product ranges
• outstanding fresh food departments
• contemporary advertising methods
• promotional advertising labels and signs
• modern outdoor advertising
• ERP system with integrated cash register solution
• friendly and practical uniform
• Regular support by the Bartels-Langness field service team

The positive response from clients and most of all the resulting economic success show the “Nah&Frisch” approach is right and that you can rely on our experience. Bartels-Langness is not only engaged in implementing the new “Nah&Frisch” concept at existing locations. Instead, we also want to support committed traders on their way to self-employment.

Ihr Kaufmann

Our longstanding “Ihr Kaufmann” concept is available for smaller shops (under 300 sq m) which have dedicated themselves to local supply. Traders in rural areas, often long-established, provide a particularly personal service and an attractive selection of products, especially in the field of convenience items, under the friendly blue-red logo. Moreover, Bartels-Langness also supports motivated traders on their way to self-employment here, with “Ihr Kaufmann” taking advantage of changing age structures and the development towards one and two-person households.

Reference customers

In the spring of 2010 we completely renovated our store, converting it to the “Nah&Frisch” (close & fresh) concept. Since then, our customers have showered us with praise. They feel confident and once again really enjoy doing their shopping with us. We have also gained a large number of new customers. Our employees are happy to work in such a nice shop. And we are happy that the tills are full at the end of each day – for us, the renovation has paid off in every respect.

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