Field Service

Our competent field service team advises and supports our clients with all questions regarding product range, publicity and key performance indicators.


Our clients can draw on tried-and-tested advertising concepts, but are also free to implement their own individual ideas and wishes with us.

Location Development

Before a new store can be opened, it must be intelligently planned, calculated and organised. We can help here.

Store designs

With our carefully thought-out store designs we create the framework for the optimal presentation of products.

Continued education

We offer our clients seminars and workshops on many trade-related topics, including human resources management, customer loyalty and business management.


We have secured extensive purchasing advantages, which we pass on to our clients.


Sophisticated logistics means that around 1,500 clients are supplied quickly and reliably.


Competent advice and client-oriented service characterise Bela’s performance profile in wholesale.


Sophisticated logistics means that around 1,500 clients are supplied quickly and reliably. At the heart of this logistical network are the warehouses in Neumünster and Wittenhagen and the redesigned FrischeZentrum in Gleschendorf.

Our warehouses - always state-of-the-art

The warehouses, which are all in locations which can be conveniently accessed, are constantly being updated in line with current market demands. Thanks to its extension to 15,000 sq m in January 2011, the Gleschendorf FrischeZentrum is now able to store around 500 speciality cheeses and over 700 pre-packaged cheese products from all over the world. Furthermore, we can also keep around 1,000 varieties of yoghurt, quark, dessert and milkshake ready to be delivered. There is also enough room for 600 fresh delicacy items ready for their distribution to our customers. An extended storage space of 5,000 sq m is available for over 400 varieties of fruit and vegetables, both from the region and from around the world. The result is that we can supply our clients from one of the largest fresh food logistics centres in Northern Germany.

Certified processes for enduring quality

Following certification of the central warehouse in Neumünster, the FrischeZentrum in Gleschendorf has also been certified in accordance with International Food Standard Logistics (IFS). Naturally we also ensure that processes like HACCP, lot traceability and adherence to the cold chain are always adhered to.

Impressive figures for a smooth delivery

Each year our trucks travel some 9.4 million kilometres – in other words, 235 times around the globe – in order to bring our product range, encompassing around 30,000 items, to our clients.
40,000 cubic metres of goods are sitting in the Bartels-Langness Group’s warehouses, enough to fill 285,714 shopping trolleys – it is this readiness to deliver which our clients appreciate.
  • Vehicle fleet show

    Vehicle fleet

    The Group’s vehicle fleet comprises a total of over 200 trucks. Goods may be delivered in roll containers or on euro pallets. Our fleet is updated on a regular basis, meaning that it always meets the requirements for a dependable and efficient logistical service. Furthermore our vehicle fleet also includes cost-effective double-decker trucks, which enable us to efficiently supply even distant major clients several times a week, keeping to a strict time schedule over long distances.

  • Order and delivery show

    Order and delivery

    Orders made with the mobile data terminal are generally carried out within 24 hours. Of course, orders can also be made by phone, fax or using a PC.

    Delivery of dry products takes place up to two times weekly depending on the size of the order. Dairy products can be delivered up to five times per week, fruit and vegetables (including flowers) as often as every day, depending on the size of the order. Third-party delivery is coordinated with the supplier on an individual basis.

    This flexibility means that we and our services are not only available for large retailers, but we also supply small local suppliers in rural areas, for example, and independent petrol stations.

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