Field Service

Our competent field service team advises and supports our clients with all questions regarding product range, publicity and key performance indicators.


Our clients can draw on tried-and-tested advertising concepts, but are also free to implement their own individual ideas and wishes with us.

Location Development

Before a new store can be opened, it must be intelligently planned, calculated and organised. We can help here.

Store designs

With our carefully thought-out store designs we create the framework for the optimal presentation of products.

Continued education

We offer our clients seminars and workshops on many trade-related topics, including human resources management, customer loyalty and business management.


We have secured extensive purchasing advantages, which we pass on to our clients.


Sophisticated logistics means that around 1,500 clients are supplied quickly and reliably.


Competent advice and client-oriented service characterise Bela’s performance profile in wholesale.

Petrol stations

Over 250 petrol stations are supplied by Bartels-Langness every day. Thus, the shop and bistro sections of petrol stations in northern Germany are of particular significance for our company.

Profitable standard assortments and constant innovation

A well led and well assorted shop contributes considerably to the success of a petrol station. Today, a well looked-after selection of newspapers, small gifts, confectionery and spirits are among the standard for petrol station customers, as is the possibility to top up your mobile credit at an E-Loading Terminal. Bartels-Langness’ field service team supports petrol station operators by optimising their product range and points out worthwhile updates as well as sensible product layouts. A particular advantage in this respect is, now as before, the flexibility and reliability of Bela-wholesale.

From independent retailers to chain stores

It doesn’t matter whether you are a medium sized petroleum company or an independent petrol station operator. Our customers come from the most diverse areas and we can happily make you a personal offer as well.


We are delighted to be available to answer questions about the petrol station business.

Christoph Harten

Sales Management Petrol Stations

Tel: 04321 - 565 - 308


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