Meat & sausage

50 percent of the meat and sausage products we sell are produced inhouse.

Fruit & vegetables

More than 400 varieties of fruit and vegetable, both from the region and from around the world, are delivered every day.

Cheese & dairy products

Our extensive cheese and dairy range is distinguished by a great selection of regional, fresh products.


Be it discount or premium products - with a selection of over 30,000 items you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Quality brands

Our quality brands are characterised by their regional origin, quality and freshness.

6 Discount brands

Good value for money: over 900 discount products in all departments are ready to be shipped.

Product range

Over 30,000 products from all sectors are ready to be ordered and delivered every day.

Cheese & dairy products

Fresh products are one of our strengths and we have set the course for the future:

More choice and proven quality

As of January 2011 the redesigned FrischeZentrum in Gleschendorf, Schleswig-Holstein, has been able to stockpile around 500 speciality cheeses, over 700 pre-packaged cheese products, approximately 1,000 varieties of yoghurt, quark, dessert and milkshake and 600 fresh delicacy items. Procedures such as HACCP, lot traceability and adherence to the cold chain are a matter of course here.

This allows our clients to distinguish themselves in their markets from discount stores through absolute freshness and excellent variety. The fact that our fresh items come from the region is another advantage of our product range.

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