Meat & sausage

50 percent of the meat and sausage products we sell are produced inhouse.

Fruit & vegetables

More than 400 varieties of fruit and vegetable, both from the region and from around the world, are delivered every day.

Cheese & dairy products

Our extensive cheese and dairy range is distinguished by a great selection of regional, fresh products.


Be it discount or premium products - with a selection of over 30,000 items you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Quality brands

Our quality brands are characterised by their regional origin, quality and freshness.

6 Discount brands

Good value for money: over 900 discount products in all departments are ready to be shipped.

Product range

Over 30,000 products from all sectors are ready to be ordered and delivered every day.

Quality brands

Our clients can gain numerous advantages with the Bartels-Langness quality brands: They can distinguish themselves from competition due to the products’ regional origin, gain customer loyalty through their excellent quality and secure attractive trade margins. Bartels-Langness quality brands round off our clients’ product ranges and help them to compete successfully.

We would like to introduce our strong quality brands, with high quality and great value for money, to you here.
  • Hofgut show


    Hofgut - traditional, delicious and from North Germany!

    Fresh, selected products, traditional recipes and affordable prices – that’s Hofgut's recipe for success. Hofgut products can be found throughout the entire range of food products as a strong quality brand: jam, honey, soups, sausages, juice, water, butter, milk, yoghurt, eggs, apples, potatoes and much, much more. The Hofgut product range is today comprised of over 550 products and is constantly being expanded.

    Hofgut - die Frischen

    Our development in the convenience food sector under the brand “Hofgut – die Frischen” is particularly noteworthy. This means that those wanting to save time or looking for pre-prepared meals do not have to sacrifice their favoured quality. “Hofgut – die Frischen“ stands for affordable delicacies - whether it’s with crisp salads, tasty bread, wraps or even delicious soups.

    Die Hofgut-Lieferanten

    We select our suppliers according to strict criteria. Partners from the region guarantee variety and reliability - and assure the best, controlled quality and products. The choice of our supplier is proof of our regional ties.

    Only the best products receive the Hofgut logo.
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  • BioGreno show


    Trust plays a major role when it comes to organic products. Only a strong brand can accomplish this.

    Quality to meet the highest demands

    With around 250 items, BioGreno is already represented in almost all product areas today. We cooperate with strong, reliable partners from the region, in order to position the brand in the premium segment in terms of price and performance. Products from certification organisations (such as Bioland, Naturland, Demeter etc.) are especially promoted here.

    Transparency and valuable information

    Relevant, detailed nutritional information is shown on all new BioGreno packaging. Alongside all nutritional information the Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) is also listed – i.e. the approximate intake levels of energy and nutrients for an average, healthy adult.

    Both we and our clients can identify the success of BioGreno in the growth rates in this dynamic segment in recent years.
    Products from certification organisations (such as Bioland, Naturland, Demeter etc.) are especially promoted here.

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  • vegan leben show

    vegan leben

    Enjoy, don’t avoid

    A vegan diet can be tasty and full of variety.

    Not eating animal products does not have to mean going without flavour and enjoyment.
    "vegan leben" (live vegan) makes a plant-based lifestyle simple and varied.

    There are lots of delicious foods, household cleaning products and body care products under the "vegan leben" brand that make vegan shopping easier.
    All products have to meet high quality standards and are 100% vegan. The vegan seal of approval from the Vegetarierbund Deutschland (German Vegetarian Union, VEBU), guarantees this.
    "vegan leben" makes the vegan lifestyle a pleasure.

  • Schneekloth show


    The company P. Schneekloth Söhne was founded in 1816. A brand with a long tradition. Schneekloth's key asset is its winery. The most northern winery in Germany, around 2 million bottles are filled here every year. Direct contact with the winemakers is our guarantee of quality and the best prerequisite for introducing new products quickly onto the market.

    Long-standing contacts for an even better taste

    There is also good contact with the Bordeaux chateaux, where oak barrels were bought, in which a Dornfelder and a Cabernet wine were allowed to mature for approximately 15 months, which are now part of the three-star wine collection.

    High demands and exquisite quality

    Schneekloth demonstrates a high standard of quality with its bottled wines. Only after thorough tasting are these wines added to the range. Wines are supplied directly by the winemakers in Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Chile and the USA. The quality standards are checked and re-specified again and again together with the winemakers during frequent visits to their vineyards. This means that ideal taste and a good value for money are guaranteed at all times.

  • Siebenmärker show


    Siebenmärker Kieler Markenspirituosen produces in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein in the “Kieler Spirituousen Manufaktur“ on the Bartels-Langness premises:

    Traditional recipes and great-tasting innovations

    For decades the name Siebenmärker has stood for premium quality spirits, from the region, at a fair price. Products such as “Kieler Kräuter”, “Kieler Kümmel” and “Kieler Korn” are meticulously produced, stored, bottled and packaged according to traditional recipes by our experienced master distillers.

    Strong blended rums like our “Royal”, mild vodkas such as our “Alexandrow” as well as aromatic liqueurs like “Pep Lakritz” and cocktail/long drink ingredients such as “Ron Tangle - Weißer Rum” and "Macloud - Scotch Whisky” round off the product range.

    Natural ingredients and award-winning quality

    Quality takes priority. This means that only natural ingredients are used for our spirits, with the majority achieving their maturity in old oak barrels resting in the cellars of Bartels-Langness.
    Independent studies carried out by the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture, which take place several times a year and result in the "Gütezeichen Schleswig-Holstein" being awarded, are a visible guarantee of our excellent quality. Many of our Siebenmärker spirits have carried this mark of quality for over 30 years. You can find this seal on the back label of relevant spirits.

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