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Introduction to a successful, family-run company in the German retail sector.

Overview of the important milestones in our company history

Founded in Kiel in 1892, the Bartels-Langness Group (Bela for short) has remained owner-operated for four generations.
Bela’s core business is the food wholesale and retail trade.
The company is also active in the bakery trade, specialist pet food trade and bulk consumer segment. It runs its own wine import business and owns a vineyard.


Hermann D. Langness establishes himself in Kiel as a bakery commission agent and wholesaler of staple goods


• Merger with the wholesaler Paul Bartels, taking on the company name Bartels-Langness AG 
   (today: Bartels-Langness Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG)
• Establishment of “Holsteinisches Nudel- und Makkaroniwerk GmbH”, continued as the
   company Fritz Feldmann since 1930.


Acquisition of the wine importing company P. Schneekloth Söhne, founded in 1816, and its winery


Establishment of the company CITTI-Großmarkt jointly with the wholesaler Paulsen + Hochfeld, today Gerhard Lütje GmbH & Co. KG each owning 50% of the shares; bulk consumer wholesaler at a national level together with Jomo since 1994


Establishment of famila Schleswig-Holstein and opening of the first famila store in Eutin (today operating in 81 locations)


• Consolidation of all Bela warehouses into one central warehouse in Neumünster, Germany
• Establishment of a company-owned central meat warehouse in Neumünster
• Acquisition of a 50% share in the bakery wholesaler May & Co., Hamburg
   (today: 100% ownership with subsidiaries in Hamburg, Wittenhagen, Isernhagen and Leer)


Establishment of Bela Handels GmbH & Co. KG Wittenhagen with a company-owned central warehouse


Construction of company-owned cold storage in Gleschendorf, near Lübeck


• Establishment of a recycling centre in the Neumünster central warehouse
• Investment in the Kiel bakery Steiskal (today: 100% ownership)


• Acquisition of a 50% share in the company “DAS FUTTERHAUS” Franchise GmbH
• Expansion of the Neumünster central warehouse to 40,000 sq m


• Acquisition of the Neumünster and Ottenbüttel C+C markets from the company Lekkerland
• Acquisition of 25 MAGNET markets
• Expansion of cold storage in Gleschendorf to 8,000 sq m of storage space


Acquisition of a 50% share in LOGIPET, a wholesale company for pet supplies


• Investment in Backring Nordwest GmbH & Co. KG
• Acquisition of Futterhaus Berlin GmbH & Co. KG


• Formation of the new Export Wholesale department for handling foreign business
• Opening of the new Kiel-Wik famila store with an energy concept unique in Germany
• Commencement of supplying our new wholesale customer KONSUM Dresden eG


Establishment of the S. J. Montigny vineyard (with locations in Bretzenheim an der Nahe in Hesse and in Grebin in Schleswig-Holstein). First vines planted at the Hof Altmühlen vineyard near Grebin.


Establishment of PHD – Privates Handelshaus Deutschland


• famila Nordost takes over the Ratio-Warenhaus in Bielefeld (first location in North Rhine-Westphalia)
• The first white wine from Schleswig-Holstein "So mookt wi dat" from the Montigny Hof Altmühlen winery near Grebin is sold
   The first red wine followed in 2012


The bakery DAT BACKHUS with over 100 branches in the Hamburg region is taken over, including the production plant in Hamburg-Rothenburgsort


• famila Nordost takes over a real,- warehouse location in the region of Langenhagen in Lower Saxony
• The bakery Backeria with 25 branches in Rendsburg, Eckernförde, Kiel and Hamburg is taken over
   Majority conversion of the branches to the successful Steiskal concept. Branches in Hamburg continue as DAT BACKHUS
• Acquisition of 35 hectares of renowned acreage in the Nahe wine region by the S.J. Montigny winery


Start of the cooperation between the PHD (Privates Handelshaus Deutschland - private trading company in Germany) and the Metro subsidiary real,-


Acquisition of 10 Coop and Rewe supermarkets into the famila and Markant subsidiaries


Acquisition of the Citti-Markt in the Stralsunder Strelapark by famila-Nordost
Foundation of the RTG Retail Group cooperation with Bartels-Langness as founding member

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