Environmental Protection

For over two decades, environmental and climate protection has been an important cornerstone of our company strategy.


We are committed to environmental protection. This is reflected in the use of low-emission trucks and most efficient itinerary planning.

Product Range

Our product range is in tune with our customers' needs and is constantly adapted to current trends.

Social Commitment

Close contact with customers and business partners in Northern Germany characterises our social responsibility.

Environmental protection

Natural resources are limited. The effects of climate change cannot yet be completely foreseen. In times like these it is more important than ever to use natural resources considerately.

For over two decades, environmental and climate protection has been an important cornerstone of our company strategy. Even in times when these topics were not in the public focus, the Bartels-Langness Group continued to further develop the environmental standards in various fields. We constantly check our transport routes, the use of packaging material and greenhouse gas emissions for whether the processes can be improved with regards to the sustainable use of resources.

The future of every one of us, especially of future generations, will be crucially determined by whether we are successful in conserving our environment despite the necessary economic momentum. Here you can learn more about the measures taken by us, which are continuously developed further.
  • Technology show


    A substantial amount of energy is lost due to old buildings and outdated technology not taking energy-efficiency aspects into account. Bartels-Langness therefore backs the steady advancement of technical and structural standards with regard to environmental friendliness and saving energy.
    We observe the following standards for constructing new buildings and converting existing ones:

    • Use of building materials with a long lifespan and high durability
    • Use of recyclable building materials which are both health and environmentally friendly
    • Use of regional, domestic building materials
    • Use of environmentally friendly insulating materials such as FOAMGLAS and rockwool
    • Use of regionally-grown products and facade greenery
    • Sparing use of plaster
    • CFC-free coolants

  • Energy efficiency show

    Energy efficiency

    Bartels-Langness relies on numerous measures in order to permanently reduce energy consumption:

    • Implementation of heat recovery in ventilation systems
    • Heat recovery from the refrigeration technology for the supply of hot water
    • Use of light control technology and energy-saving light bulbs
    • Ventilation control through CO2 sensors
    • Load curve management: Systems to optimise peak energy demands
      as well as compensatory systems for avoiding the consumption of idle current

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